Маратонки, Тенис ракети, ски оборудване, спортно облекло Salomon set M X-MAX X6 + E Mercury 11 398867


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Ски Salomon set M X-MAX X6 + E Mercury 11 398867

Комплект Salomon - ски с автомати.
Висок клас карвинг модел


Oversize Active Contact Sidewalls - Sandwich constructed with ABS.
Progressive Radius Sizing - World Cup proven construction. 5 dedicated sidecuts for an optimized Radius ; Choose your length, choose your performance. 
Woodcore - On snow stability and rebound with an extra level of foregiveness and weight savings.
Powerframe Ti  - Powerframe layer built from Titanium. 
PULSE PAD - A layer of rubber all along the edges and in critical zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.
Semi twin tail - Slight rise to the tail of the ski.
Carve Rocker - Developed for performance on hard snow; extra short length, low height rocker profile in the tip, provides instant carving sensations, with easy and precise steering. Camber under foot guarentees stability, edge grip and gives the ski powerful rebound.

SIZE   155 162 169 176
SIDE CUT TIP 120 120 120 120
SIDE CUT WAIST 73 73 73 73
SIDE CUT TAIL 106 104 102 100
RADIUS   12 13 15 17
BOOT MIDSOLE 658 693 728 763
ROCKER SHAPE 240 240 250 250


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Дължина / cm /
770.00 лв.
Уеб дизайн и разработка: Webrix - www.webrix-studio.com